Heart Transplant Surgery and Services

Heart transplant surgeries have the ability to restore a high quality of life to patients with heart problems. About 2,000 to 5,000 heart transplants are performed in the U.S. every year, and Baptist Memorial Health Care physicians have performed more than 300 heart transplants as of December 2010.

A heart transplant involves replacing a diseased heart with a healthy heart from a donor. There are several reasons why your physician would recommend a heart transplant as the best treatment for you:

  • Severe angina that is no longer responding to medication or surgery
  • Severe heart failure when no other treatment is effectiv
  • Severe heart defects that are unable to be fixed with surgery
  • Life-threatening abnormal rhythms that are not responsive to other treatments

The Baptist Heart Transplant Program

Baptist is proud to be at the forefront of heart transplants in the Mid-South, helping patients to gain back their quality of life and get better. In 1985, the first heart transplant was performed in the area. In 1996, the Baptist Heart Transplant Program became the only certified adult heart transplant provider in Memphis after the program became Medicare-certified.

Located on the campus of Baptist Memphis, the Baptist Heart Institute combines all cardiovascular services in one area to support high-quality care, research, education and data management.

Learn more about our heart transplant services below:

Heart and Vascular

Learn more about Baptist cardiology services, risk factors for heart disease and more in the Heart and Vascular Frequently Asked Questions.

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