Diabetes Management Program at Baptist

Care, Support & Prevention for Patients in the Mid-South

Diabetes is complex, and without guidance, can be difficult to handle. But you are not alone. Our team is here to help – no matter what your needs may be.

At Baptist, we understand when it comes to the fight against diabetes in the Mid-South, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment program. This is why we evaluate a person’s condition and knowledge of the disease before recommending a care plan. Even after a plan is prescribed, a nurse is assigned to:

  • Do a post-instruction evaluation
  • Analyze your goals
  • Make recommendations for follow-up care

And because our team knows that proper self-management is a key part of treatment for type 1, 2 and even gestational diabetes, we make sure that counseling, peer support and education resources are readily available.

Do you need:

  • Help learning how to test your blood sugar levels?
  • Tips for healthy meal planning?
  • Assistance creating an exercise routine?
  • Support while adjusting to lifestyle changes?
  • Another type of assistance?

Baptist offers several diabetes management programs and classes, support groups and counseling services to help you take control of your condition.

Diabetes Prevention & Recognition

While one of our goals is to help those with diabetes manage their condition, we also strive to prevent new cases from developing and help individuals recognize the disease.

According to the American Diabetes Association , over 35% of each population in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi has pre-diabetes (35.8%, 36.4% and 37.5%, respectively). Furthermore, it is estimated that 315,000 people - from all three states combined - have diabetes and do not know it.

So, in addition to several prevention-based programs, we also offer online resources like a Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Quiz and a Diabetes FAQ list that addresses questions about types, causes, symptoms and more.

For more information on Baptist’s diabetes management and prevention services, please contact us.

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