Experience Critical Volunteer Program

A Dose of Reality.

Experience Critical is a volunteer program from Baptist Memorial Hospital.

It's an internship where a lifetime of knowledge can be gained in a semester's time.

It's an experience that will challenge you like no other.

As an Experience Critical volunteer, you are on the front line of emergency medicine. Your responsibilities are crucial. You are a liaison between the patients and families in the waiting room and the emergency room staff. Not only will the experience credit your resume, it's credits your character. Real people are depending on you.

Your duties extend beyond communication. You will be expected to assist when and where you can. You may commandeer a wheelchair one moment and verify the location of an essential patient chart the next. In one minute, you may help transport a critical patient to an exam room and in the next, update a worried visitor on a patient's status. You will refresh medicine stocks, supply fresh blankets and assist in bay area clean-up.

Basically, you'll roll up your sleeves and do what is needed to be done.

Daily Bread