Resources for those in need of  dementia and Alzheimer's care as well as other memory related issues

Baptist Memory Care Center

Dementia is an impairment of thinking and memory and it can take several forms, the most common being Alzheimer’s disease. The number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is growing rapidly, with an estimated five million Americans 65 years of age and older suffering from the disease. With this increase in diagnosis, there is an increase in the need for dementia care and Alzheimer's care.

The Baptist Memory Care Center can assist with a free screening for memory problems and in connecting our guests and their caregivers to the many available community resources and support. Our services are provided by appointment, and no referral is needed.

Memory Screening

Our licensed clinical social worker provides free memory screenings. The results are shared with the individual and their caregiver, as appropriate. We will also share screening results with your referring physician, as appropriate.

Resource Networking

One of our most important services is locating programs, facilities, and other community resources that support the needs of the individual and their caregivers. Our social workers will assist in identifying available resources such as home care, respite care, day care, driving safety, specialty physician’s services, educational literature, community events, spiritual and emotional guidance and direction, acute care needs, and long-term care facilities.

Support Services

In addition to our resource networking, our staff offers support in dealing with the emotional and practical changes that are occurring in the patient’s life. Caregiving classes, community outreach services, support groups, and advance care planning are just a few of the offerings.

Baptist Memory Care Center
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